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Ustraa is a grooming brand for men who want to look their best. Our products are formulated in our in-house lab and are entirely free of SLS, PARABENS, and other harmful chemicals. We help our bros look good, smell awesome and be full of swag. For the best deals and exclusive discounts, do check out the coupons listed on CouponZkart.

About Ustraa

Ustraa is a grooming brand for men who want to look their best. Our products are formulated in our in-house lab and are completely free of SLS, PARABENS and other  harmful chemicals. We help our bros look good, smell awesome and be full of swag.

Ustraa is a brand by Happily Unmarried, one of India’s youth-centric, quirky brands that was started in July 2015. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity, especially for their beard grooming products. Be it their Mooch and Beard Oil or the Mooch Wax. Their products are a must try. With Ustraa Hair Wax perfect the just out of the bed look. Looking good, made easy is what they go. And by the happy customers all over India and around the World, yes the ship internationally if asked.

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What is The Best About Ustraa?

The best part of Ustraa products is that they aren't tested on animals. They even mention it on their page that it is not tried on animals but rascals. Meaning no animals were harmed in the entire process. Now that’s a good enough reason to give it a try. If that is not enough you can read all about how good it is from all the happy rascals who continue to enjoy the products and use them every day. Gone are the days when people thought that girls take so much time to get ready. Have you ever noticed how much time they take in front of the mirror?

What All Do Ustraa Offer?

Ustraa offers a wide range of products from Ustraa beard oil to body lotions. The major area in which they deal are:-


Men Grooming Products Online at Ustraa

Grooming is an essential part of our lives, it’s something that we selflessly devote to ourselves to feel confident and comfortable in our own skins. While grooming is a therapeutic experience that allows us to rejuvenate and regain calm and peace, it also gives us the chance to recollect ourselves and we come out feeling even stronger and confident. Grooming is an art through which we treat ourselves to enjoy the true essence of self-care and self-love. 

While women’s grooming products are endorsed and encouraged quite enthusiastically, at the same time men’s grooming products are often criticized and discouraged. The truth is, even though men may deny publicly the importance of a good grooming routine, secretly it’s just as important to them. Believe it or not but men are equally invested in taking care of their skin and hair. It not only works as a confidence booster but also contributes to further accentuating their devilish looks. Everyone loves to treat themselves with the right grooming products, and men are no different. 

Ustraa understands the importance of good men’s grooming essentials that can further encourage and normalize men’s grooming products. Hence, we bring to you a collection with a variety of men’s grooming products online that will give you the chance to express your inner self the right way. Buy the best men’s grooming products online from Ustraa and give yourself or your loved one a chance at enjoying men’s beauty products!


Beard Care with Ustraa’s Beard Care Products

The concept of beard maintenance is as old as time itself, men have been dedicating countless hours & numerous products to create well-groomed beard looks. Even though nowadays the trends are changing within moments but the love for funky, stylish yet sleep beard looks is still hype among men.

While beard grooming might not be a relatable concept for everyone but it’s as important as hair care. When it comes to maintaining a beard look that is not only trendy but is also attractive to others, a whole lot of effort & products are required. It’s easy to get your hands on styling or beard care products but it’s as difficult to establish which of them are suitable for you or for the look you want to achieve.

To help you get rid of all your beard styling/care woes,  Ustraa has curated an exceptional collection at one place. Our aim is to provide an extensive range of beard care & styling products, which are not only pocket friendly but also free of any harsh chemicals. Starting from our highly acclaimed Beard Growth Oil to Beard Wash & even Beard Growth Serum; when it comes to styling or care, Ustraa has you covered in all aspects. 


Skin Care with Ustraa’s Skin Care Products

Skincare is a very important part of anyone’s life. If your skin does not feel like its best self then it can affect your confidence. Men may not show it but a pimple before an important occasion bothers them just as much. Everyone aims to look good and feel good, men are no different. Skincare is equally important & necessary for them. But unfortunately, men’s skincare products are still not very popular in the market and the ones available offer a very limited range of issues & problems. 

So, Ustraa’s range of skincare products is like a light at the end of the tunnel for those who are looking for an extensive & well-formulated range of skincare & grooming products.

Ustraa brings to you a collection of amazing skincare products for men online that are curated carefully for the best results. Ustraa understands the need for effective skincare products, now you can get the best facial cleansers for men to the best soaps for men and enjoy the luxury of healthy skin!



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1) What is Ustraa?

Ustraa is a grooming range for men. After taking care of his home, his bar, his supply of tees and gifts, we at Happily Unmarried have taken upon ourselves to make our brothers look and smell good.

Happily Unmarried is India's coolest youth lifestyle brand. We are irreverent, desi, fun and forever young. This is the underlying philosophy that guides us when we think about our content, products and services. Using popular culture, emerging trends, design and cultural insights we seek to be a platform for all things that the young relate to.

2) Are there any chemicals in Ustraa products?

All our Ustraa products do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are totally Sulphate and Paraben free. 

3) Does Happily Unmarried still make lifestyle gifting products?

We have discontinued our range of lifestyle products and now have two brands for Men’s and Women’s Grooming. You can check out our Women’s grooming brand here

4) What places do we ship to?

We ship our orders across India.

5) Do you have Cash on Delivery as a payment option?

Yes, we do have Cash on Delivery (CoD) as a payment option for over 12,000 pincodes.

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