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In the early period phones were only accessible through a system whereby customers had to sign up for an invitation, but OnePlus called an invite, to acquire the phone at irregular intervals. The system was claimed to be essential for the young company to manage enormous demand and requirements. It has ended the invitation system with the launch of OnePlus 3. The phone was made available for sale in China, North America and the European Union on the OnePlus website, and in India on Amazon India.

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About OnePlus

OnePlus is one of the leading smartphone brands in the world, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of tech-savvy consumers. OnePlus offers a range of smartphones, such as the OnePlus Number series, the OnePlus Tab series, the OnePlus Nord series, and the OnePlus 11R 5G, that are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, support 5G connectivity, feature high refresh rate AMOLED displays, boast Hasselblad camera systems or Sony image sensors, and support Warp Charge fast charging technology.

OnePlus’s vision is to create products that offer the best possible user experience, without compromising on quality, design, or innovation. OnePlus believes that great products are created by challenging the status quo and seeking feedback from its users. OnePlus strives to provide a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for its customers, with features such as free shipping, cash on delivery, easy returns and exchanges, no-cost EMI options, and exclusive offers and discounts.

OnePlus’s mission is to make flagship smartphones accessible and affordable for everyone. OnePlus understands that every consumer has different needs and goals when it comes to their smartphone usage and that finding the right device and service can be challenging. That’s why OnePlus offers a range of tools and services to help customers find their best fit, such as the product comparison tool, the trade-in program, the Red Cable Club membership program, the OxygenOS operating system, the OnePlus Care service center network, and the customer care support.

OnePlus also aims to expand its product portfolio beyond smartphones, and offer smart devices that enhance the lifestyle of its customers. OnePlus offers a variety of products, such as smart TVs, audio devices, wearables and accessories, that are compatible with its smartphones and offer superior quality, functionality and design. OnePlus’s products include the OnePlus TV U1S series, the OnePlus TV Q1 series, the OnePlus Buds series, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless series, the OnePlus Watch series, the OnePlus Band series, the OnePlus Power Bank series, and more.

OnePlus is more than just a smartphone brand. It is a community of tech enthusiasts who support each other and share their experiences and opinions. It is a platform where customers can express themselves and discover new possibilities. It is a destination where customers can find their inner OnePlus - confident, lively, vibrant and alluring.

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  • Is OnePlus a good brand?

  • OnePlus still makes excellent Android phones, and now covers a price range from some of the most expensive around to super-affordable budget handsets.

  • What is OnePlus best known for?

  • With its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, OnePlus has quickly become a leader in the mobile phone industry. OnePlus phones are renowned for their premium design and top-of-the-line specifications. Plus, OnePlus phones are known for their long-lasting battery life and fast charging capabilities.

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