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Kapiva provides wide range of Ayurvedic products like Ghee, Honey, Juices, Teas, Oils for immunity, wellness, weight loss, digestion etc. and have one common theme - we are selectively sourced, with great emphasis on purity and authenticity.

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About Kapiva 

Kapiva is founded by Ameve Sharma and Shrey Badhani. They joined hands in January 2016 to build the world of the modern Ayurvedic brand, Kapiva. Ameve Sharma grew up in Kolkata and belongs to the family, which founded the famous Baidyanath Group.

Kapiva tri-dosha synergy is an ever-growing family of Ayurvedic experts, nutritionists, food scientists, and curious minds like you.

Kapiva understands the worries in your mind. This is why they have pulled off the complications and left you with pure unadulterated nature. Crafted as fresh as plucked, we take the pains to go the longest route possible.


Learned from the past & created for the present.

Bringing a modern touch to Ayurveda, Kapiva sources examine and undertake all traditional procedures as laid down in our ancient Ayurvedic texts. Taking ancient principles and the human soul, we create Ayurvedic products with a modern touch, thus helping authentic Ayurvedic nutrition meet the demands of convenience.


Preserving Nature, one ingredient at a time.

Years of the study show that the freshest ingredients when matched with the right Ayurvedic process can result in nothing short of 'natural, good health'. This is precisely why, their amlas are ripe-yellow, their wheatgrass arrives only on the 8th day of harvest and their aloe vera juices are freshly born 4 hours old.


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Q.Is Kapiva a good company?

A.Kapiva Ayurveda is rated 3.0 out of 5, based on 25 reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. Kapiva Ayurveda is known for Salary & Benefits which is rated at the top and given a rating of 3.2. However, Job Security is rated the lowest at 2.5 and can be improved.


Q.Is Kapiva an Indian brand?

A.India's First Modern Holistic Ayurvedic Brand, delivering innovative solutions to Millennials. Kapiva is an Ayurvedic result-driven brand consisting of everyday products that are infused with pure Ayurvedic herbs.


Q.Are Kapiva products organic?

A.So, what makes Kapiva so unique and most sought after as compared to other brands in the market? Products are natural and organic, made with ingredients sourced from plantations and farms.


Q.What is Kapiva used for?


A.Kapiva Get Slim Juice enhances the functioning of the digestive system and regular consumption of the juice can cure digestive ailments as well as promote weight management. It has antioxidant properties, purifies the blood, and improves cardiovascular functions along with managing blood sugar levels.


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