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Candere.com is an E-Commerce website and a well-known brand that specializes in the sale of high-quality diamond jewelry for all occasions. Couponzkart has Candere discount codes and coupon codes for numerous online jewelry shopping websites, including Jewelskart and Bluestone. hopping websites, including Jewelskart and Bluestone. Check out the latest promo codes for fine and precious jewelry to save money while purchasing online.

About Candere

The story of Candere begins not very long ago. In 2013, founder Rupesh Jain an IT engineer from Mumbai started his own maiden venture, steering away from

the world of offline jewellery; a world he was born into. Competing with the ideals of old school shopping and a vision of making precious jewellery available

To those who loved to shop online, he started Candere; an online website to bring jewellery of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship to the masses.

His vision was further strengthened with the idea of bringing an online showroom with customizations available, something that was absent

in the offline world. With a vision of breaking the myth, that ‘diamonds are only for the rich’, Candere began its journey.

Know More About Candere

Candere is an online jeweller that offers the widest selection of premium jewellery, all with a lifetime exchange warranty, at highly affordable prices. Candere means ‘to shine’ and one look through their elegant menus is testament to how brightly this company does shine. Candere is a subsidiary of Enovate Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. who have their headquarters in Mumbai where all the fine jewellery that is found online can be viewed at their showroom. Their exquisite range of jewellery is manufactured to the highest possible standards and this has ensured that Candere has developed a massive customer following. All the jewellery pieces found within this website are designed and manufactured in-house which lends itself to even cheaper prices as the middleman is removed from the equation.

Candere Coupons Offers For You

Here at CouponZkart we have a compiled list of the best Candere Coupons and offers that you can use to maximize your savings and shop more from Candere. However, you can simply click on the deals for direct availability of Candere Coupons, rather than applying them on the website.

Exquisite women accessories for less

When it comes to exquisite and classy accessories nothing impresses a woman more than diamonds. And whilst we all know that a diamond is worth the entire price that it quotes, yet it would always be amazing if there were some kind of merchant offers to count bank on. Maybe that would make the payment easy and encourage buying a diamond ring and earring together which otherwise perhaps couldn’t be possible. This is where the amazing Candere offers today makes it move and amazes our women with some of the fabulous deals in its dazzling accessories.

Shine high, spend less

With the latest offers on Candere accessories, it becomes easy for women to shine and dazzle in their glittering diamond earrings and rings, whilst having to pay considerably less or enjoy a fabulous cashback offer which is worth having considering it’s a diamond purchase. The merchant promo codes available also declare some amazing discounts on the diamond making as well as a making-of gold jewellery. Offers like these are tempting as the discounts range between 40% to 100% discounts that are a super saver as far as the deals are concerned.

Go the CouponZkart Way

For some of the best merchant coupons that are available on Candere diamond rings and earnings, you can browse CouponZkart. This website does complete justice to your online searches and allows you to make the most of the discounts that are available. The offers and deals are available on both the wedding rings for women as well as men’s rings. Some offers allow you to enjoy 30% on the packed jewelry by Candere which too is a grab worthy deal keeping in mind the savings you are going to make. So simply log into CouponZkart and keep browsing.


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