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Bombay Shaving Company is a brand that offers Men’s grooming products. Its product range includes cosmetics related to shaving care, bath care, skincare, and beard. Here you will find shaving creams, towels, scrubs, shaving brushes, Razors, and much more. And with the help of the coupons and offers listed in CouponZkart you can avail of exclusive discounts.

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About Bombay Shaving Company


Bored of stroking that rough, untidy beard? A lot of people feel your beard problems. Thank God for saviors though! The Bombay Shaving Company is one such company that helps you look the best version of yourself. Bombay Shaving Company was started to give you a better way to shave. The best across the country gathered together to help you on this journey. The best of the lot- master industrial designers, makers of the world’s sharpest blades, the finest fragrance creators, were some of the people who came together to make this dream a reality. Thanks to their union, your beards can now be smoother than silk.

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Products To Help Cover All Your Needs


If beard products are what you are looking for, The Bombay Shaving Company has all your needs sorted. Get beard growth oil, beard shampoo, beard conditioner, stubble oil, beard butter, mustache wax, and beard serum. These products come in multiple fragrances and flavors so that your beard never smells the same every time you use it. Mix it up and smell different every day! If the beard isn’t looking that great, shave it off. Find the best products to help you achieve that goal. Be it a shaving brush, shaving cream, shaving blades or razors, after shaving lotion or balm, or even a towel to pat your face after you are done zigzagging the beard off. The Bombay Shaving Company literally takes care of everything. They slowly transferred their master skills from the beard to other departments as well. Their popularity made them realize that it is not just the beard that needs some change. They also started making products like soaps. They have soaps based on different needs.

Their soaps include:

  1. Refreshing Bath Soap- With Menthol and Poppy Seeds (For all skin types)

  2. Deep Cleansing Bath Soap- With Charcoal and Coffee Granules (For all skin types)

  3. Oil Control Bath Soap- With Tea Tree Extracts and Oatmeal (For oily/acne-prone skin)

  4. Moisturizing Bath Soap- With Shea Butter and Coconut Husk (For dry/normal skin)

They also have skin products like face cleanser and face moisturizer. Their face wash includes active ingredients like salicylic acid, vitamin C, enriched pea protein, acai extracts, and wheat protein. You don’t need to worry about taking care of the safety of your skin as the products are paraben and sulfate free. If you are looking for their face moisturizer, go ahead and buy theirs. It is non-greasy and fast absorbing. It also helps you to retain moisture and repairs cracks for a healthy and well-nourished skin glow. It contains Jojoba oil, avocado oil, argan oil, babassu oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and passion fruit.


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Can I buy products individually?


Yes, you can purchase our products individually. Click here to explore our complete range of men's grooming products.


Can I return the products?


Cancellations: Orders once placed can be cancelled on the same day by reaching out to our customer care. If you cancel it in time, will refund the full amount back into your account. If your order does not require custom engraving, then orders can be cancelled until they are packed, which is typically by 2 pm on the next business day.Refunds: Starting Dec 1, 2016, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on the purchase of the 6-Part Shaving System. All buyers/gift buyers of the 6-Part Shaving System can return the products to us after 30 days of usage, if you/the person you gifted to are not happy with the results. We will refund the full amount minus shipping (INR 300) and admin charges (an additional INR 300). This money back guarantee is not offered on any other product or products purchased individually.On individual purchases or, on purchase of the 3-Step Regimen/Precision Safety Razor, we only provide refunds for damages and other genuine cases. Once the products are used, we cannot offer a refund as the products cannot be resold to customers.While we take a lot of effort to ensure that every customer’s expectation is fulfilled, we understand that sometimes, we make mistakes and cannot match up to your expectations. So if there are still any concerns, do reach out to us and we will see what can be done. Please contact our customer care (Ph: 011-3958 8025/ Email: [email protected]) regarding cancellation or refunds.


Can I buy the kit without setting up a subscription?


Yes, you can. Come back and subscribe once you've used the products and know which ones you'd actually like.


Why are your products more expensive compared to other shaving products in the market?


We believe in delivering premium quality grooming products to our customers like our razor which is an extremely precise engineered machine. Hence, the higher price. Our formulations, on the other hand, are comparable to other best in class products. Our soaps are handmade with the best ingredients and are 100% natural. Over the long term, we believe our grooming regimen is much higher value for money when compared to any other brand.


Do you provide Cash On Delivery (COD)?


No, we do not currently provide COD. However, we are figuring out a way to launch it in the future. We currently provide payment options for credit, debit and other popular portals. All our payment gateways are 128-bit SSL encrypted.


How does subscription work?


Once you have logged in to your account on our website you can set up a subscription plan. The plan currently only pertains to our shaving range of products but we will add other products to it in the future. After you buy the 6-Part Shaving System, you can subscribe to the 4 shaving supplies we will refill - Feather blades, Pre-Shave Scrub, Shaving Cream and Post-Shave Balm. Each of these products will last 70-80 shaves. Once you tell us how often you shave, we will estimate the depletion rate of these products and automatically replenish them for you.

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